0:00 I need to be in love / Carpenters
3:00 Can you feel the love tonight / Elton John
6:23 We’re all alone / Boz Scaggs
9:47 Time To Say Goodbye / Andrea Bocelli, Sarah Brighten
12:39 Bridge over troubled water / Simon & Garfunkel
16:51 Change The World / Eric Clapton
19:17 If We Hold On Together / Diana Ross
22:19 You Raise Me Up / Celtic Woman
26:19 What a wonderful World / Louis Armstrong
28:57 You are the sunshine of my life / Stevie Wonder
31:46 Your Song / Elton John
34:47 Honesty / Billy Joel
37:42 I Will Always Love you / Whitney Houston
41:16 Hero / Mariah Carey
44:55 She / Elvis Costello
48:37 Lovin’ You / Minnie Riperton
51:19 The Rose / Bette Midler

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