0:00 When you wish upon a star / Pinocchio 3:31 A Whole new world / Whole new world ~ Aladdin 7:22 I see the light / Shining future ~ Rapunzel on the tower 10:48 A Dream is a wish your heart makes / Dream is secretly Cinderella 14:53 Beauty and the beast 18:33 Alice in wonderland / Alice in Wonderland 21:48 Once upon a dream / Sleeping forest 25:01 Can you feel the love tonight / Lion King 28:26 So this is love / Cinderella 31:43 Someday my prince will come / Someday my prince will come 35:06 La la lu / La La lu ~ Doggie Story __________________________________________________________ ? Please Subscribe! → https://www.youtube.com/user/cafemusicbgmchannel ? Listen on Spotify, Apple Music, and more → Cafe Music BGM channel: https://lnk. to/eerYQXXe ? Use the BGMC → Music for Videos: https://bgmc-library.com/ → Music for Stores: https://bgmc-station.com/en/ __________________________________________________________ ☕ About Cafe Music BGM channel We are making cafe music for relaxation, for work, for study, etc. All music in this video & on this channel is original music by BGMC. l the songs. Green Music BGM channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/japanrelaxingmusic → J-POP Music BGM channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/jpopcoverchannel → Hawaiian BGM channel: https://www. youtube.com/HawaiianBGMchannel ? Artists by BGMC → BGM channel: https://lnk.to/TZWnnMjq → Green Music BGM channel: https://lnk.to/7ZkFpSUD → Hawaiian BGM channel: https://lnk.to/ ktHak7fs → Hip Hop Jazz BGM channel: https://lnk.to/3aoZLbfS → Ambient BGM channel: https://lnk.to/98jQRFKU → Music Box BGM channel: https://lnk.to/Q5kpTnLs ? Contact → Official Website: https://www.bgmcrecords.com/ ? Follow us on Social Media → Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bgmc_bgmchannel/ → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bgmc.bgmchannel/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/bgmc_bgmchannel © Music is Copyrighted. #Jazz #BossaNova #CafeMusic